Question mark

Questions. We love ‘em. When somebody has a question for us here at Paper Shop, we know that they’re either already advertising with us or thinking of giving us a try. We’re happy to help with and all inquiries, and we’ve found that a number of them are, well, frequently asked questions. Here’s where we take some time to talk about them.

Well, it has already happened. A few times. And we received call after call from excited would-be winners. Sure, the winnings totalled $8 or $12, but still – money’s money.

We like to think of these near-misses as dress rehearsal. Practice. Because we’re optimists, and, frankly, the Lottery Club brings some real excitement to every Wednesday evening. As with anything else, however, it helps to read the small print, and our Lottery Club small print specifies that we won’t be able to divvy up some cash until the winnings total $250,000 or more. The reason for this is pretty simple: we sell thousands of print issues every week, so that means that there are thousands of potential winners weekly. If the winnings were a smaller amount, it might not even be worth the time to distribute a measly few cents.

But if those numbers do hit with winnings of $250,000 or more? We’ll let you know. We’d be thrilled to! We’ll post on social media, on this blog, and on our website with directions about exactly what you need to do (besides having photo ID and a full copy of the winning issue).